Two centuries of Manchester’s maps go online: The University of Manchester

Down your way: two centuries of Manchester’s maps go online The University of Manchester.

The collection of maps and plans of the city from the 18th century to the middle of the 20th century, mostly from the Library’s Special Collections, will be freely available, allowing users to zoom into street level.

Also digitised by the Library are a series of maps from Manchester City Council  – not seen in public for 60 years- showing the extent of bomb damage to the city during WW2.
The work, carried out by the Library’s Centre for Heritage Imaging and Collection Care (CHICC), comprises maps by private surveyors, detailed Ordnance Survey maps, and plans of the Manchester Ship Canal.
Included is the first large-scale map of Manchester, produced by William Green in 1794, and Joseph Adshead’s Victorian map of the Township of Manchester.

The maps will be free to access from the University Library’s Image Collections (LUNA). To view the online maps

Visit for details of map workshops at the Library.

For more information about the bomb damage maps and commercial street maps of Manchester visit Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives .


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